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My plane left Basel airport at 18:40 and I was looking forward to meeting my host family and learn some English. My first panic attack was at the airport Heathrow where I forgot to change the time on my phone. I thought we had a big delay and started to write my host family and I couldn’t see my taxi driver in the first moment. But then I realised that I just made an elephant out of a mouse and calmed down a little and found my taxi driver who brought me right to my host family. 
When I arrived there, they were very friendly and served me some food, very good food. After the meal, they showed me my room for the next four weeks which was on the highest floor. It was a very big room with a table, a big bed, a closet and my own couch. I was very lucky to have a such a comfortable room. Other friends I met didn’t have that much luxury. But there was one big problem. In the four weeks I spent in London, it was very hot and all the heat climbed up to my room and sometimes it was very hard to sleep in there. 
But anyways on the day after I arrived, a Sunday, the new parents showed me the little city, where I lived for these weeks. It’s called Muswel Hill. It’s a very classic example for a English village. There were these townhouses everywhere with these little gardens in front of them and in the middle, there was a big park. But one thing was very special in this village. In the park there was a big building, called Alexandra’s Palace, and there was always something going on, like street food festivals or concerts. And in front of this building was a square from which you could see the skyline of London City. My friends and me hung out a lot on this square in the evenings.
Monday, first day in school. 8:30am. A lot of new faces and a lot of different nationalities. Every person had to go to the reception and got a student ID and his own mug to fill up with water, tea or coffee. On 8:40 a teacher came and brought us to an instruction room and instructed us about the rules and the school. After that we had to solve a test, which was used to divide us into the different levels of English. After the test, we were free to eat some lunch. I ate lunch in a group with a Belarusian and an Italian girl, two Italians and one Slovak. With these guys I spent the next two weeks after which they had to leave. But anyways, on this Monday we had a guide who showed us the most important parts of London in two hours. After this guided tour, we stayed in London City and discovered the city by our self. On 8:00pm I had to be at home for dinner. To get to the centre of London from Muswel Hill you had to pay 4.30£ and you had to drive around 40min by tube and bus. 
In my new family there was my mother Annie. She is a language teacher at a university and between 50-60 years old. My father was Seth. He is working as a manager in a company and has the same age as Annie. One of their sons is Will. He is 19 years old and works as a chef that’s why he was never at home. I talked with him very rarely. The other son is Charlie. He is 24 years old and I forgot where he works. But he was a very funny guy and he told me where I can find the best clubs and how to speak in the North London slang. For example, they say “free” not “three”. And the family had a dog called Franky. Very lovely dog, he always greeted you when you entered the door. In the morning, I had to do my own breakfast but in the evening, they cooked a very delicious meal every time and on Sundays they always cooked some elaborate food. 
So, in the first two weeks I went out with all of these Italians, Russians and the Slovak and we had a very good time. We discovered a lot of things. We went to the bar in the Shard on the 32th floor, we visited the famous Hyde park, we walked around the city to see the Tower Bridge. Once we went on a guided tour to see an old theatre from Shakespeare. There we saw actors, who trained for a play. And in the evenings, we went to a pub to drink a beer or to Alexandra’s Palace to chill out there. During the morning, we were all together in class and had a lot of fun. The good thing was, we lived all very close from each other so we didn’t have to walk home alone in the evenings. 
After these two weeks, all my friends had to leave and I was alone there for the weekend. So I rested at home and watched some TV and relaxed. On Monday, it wasn’t that difficult to make some new friends, because they were in the same class as I was. The only problem was, that they all were Russians and they always communicated in Russian. But anyways it was funny with these guys and we went clubbing sometimes which was very awesome. After three weeks, on the third weekend a Swiss friend was in London and together we went to Brighton. When we bought the train tickets we noticed something very funny. On this Saturday was Pride Parade and the city was coloured in rainbow colours. The atmosphere was incredible in the whole city and on the beach. We walked through the city and chilled at the beach for some hours. After that we went home to London and ate some delicious steaks in a steakhouse. 
The last week wasn’t that good. I felt very tired and I didn’t want to go home. I enjoyed the last breaths of the London air and on Friday I went to the Mossy Well Pub for a last time. On Saturday I had to leave my homestay at 5:30am and a taxi brought me to the Heathrow airport. And as I had a shock on the arrival I had another problem at the leaving. My luggage was three kilograms to heavy and I had to repack my luggage at the airport. But after this everything went perfect and I arrived safely at home where my family and my friends expected me.
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