Kurus English

For me Kurus English is really the best English school you could think of. They do offer the perfect package for a unforgettable and unique language stay. Thanks to Kurus English`s language excursion program I experienced the South African culture in an authentic way while gaining confidence in applying my English skills.

But it’s not just the language excursions that make me fond of the school, it’s also the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of Kurus English and the commitment of every employee to make the language stay of every student perfect.

In addition I want to highlight the quality of the teachers. I attended a perfectly structured advanced and proficiency preparation course. Last but not least, I highly recommend to stay with a host family as they will enable you to experience the real South African way of living ☺

Finally I also want to point out that Cape Town is my favourite City in the world. To sum up all I can say is, that Kurus English and Cape Town are perfectly suited to improve your English (Caroline W.) Kurus Kapstadt, Südafrika