International Language Institute

I was a student in ILI for 3 months and I loved the school and Northampton. ILI is a small and personal school. You know all the people who work or study there after a short time. It is like a family. You can ask for any kind of help every time. The classes were quite small and had a good mixture of different countries. 

Northampton or NOHO is a charming little town. Most of the places are reachable in 15 minutes or less. It gives a huge amount of restaurants, coffee shops and bars. I am still upset that I did not have the time to try all of them. My favorite coffee was Woodstar because of their gluten free and vegan bakeries. 

My homestay was fantastic. I had some really fun nights with my roommates and my host mother. The house was really near the school and town and I could take a bike to get around NOHO. 

The best thing was all the different people I met. Now I have friends who live all over the world. It was a refreshing mix and exchange. I miss them a lot. We also spent time together after school. We went for coffee, played soccer, ate together or went out of town for some days. 
The picture is at a potlack in my homestay. A lot of food ☺ (Sandra H.) Ili Northampton, USA